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I Know A Gal

photos by

Gavin Estes and J. Elon Goodman

All Rights Reserved.


Hi, I'm Brooke Estin

Whether working with clients, creating a new painting collection, or leading events and retreats, my goal is to help people thrive.

my story

Born in California, raised in Thailand, educated in Europe and the US and currently living in Spain, I am very much a global citizen. Having always been fascinated by psychology, innovation, and creativity, while in university in San Francisco I naturally fell into the Bay Area startup world.

During my years working with mission-driven startups and and high tech companies of Silicon Valley, I developed the empathy and skills focused on creating engaging, resonate experiences for business growth and social impact. From there, I went on to found I Know a Gal Creative to help create and grow companies that empower people to help others.  

Equally as important, the individual body and soul needs a lot of love.  As a certified Integrative Health and Therapeutic Art Coach, I founded Creativity for Wellness to support people in living more fulfilling lives through the development of creative lifestyle practices. 

Whether it's making websites, building brands, creating art, teaching, working with private coaching clients or hosting workshops and retreats, I know my mission is to offer creative and practical support to people committed to helping themselves and others thrive.